Dead Xmas Trees -
on the Footpath

The Dead Xmas Tree on the Nature Strip - is there a More Accurate Symbol of Modern Society?


It’s funny – I was driving through a suburb down near the beach near my place the other day (Elwood)…

One of the streets there (think is was The Boulevard?) must have had AT LEAST 10 to 12 dead Xmas trees all laid out along the foot paths and nature strips… have you noticed that around Jan 10-11??

So I was driving past all these poor old brown abandoned trees and I thought…


Nothing symbolises modern (Western) society more than this does it…? ha ha


I mean… literally weeks earlier ALL of these very same trees had been the proud centrepiece of their respective home!!

It’s a sad tail really when you think about it… like your classic rags to riches story only the other way round (riches to rags…)


All those trees started their Xmas journey by being hand picked from the local nursery - each one carefully chosen for its height, shape and foliage.

Secured safely in the back of the car and once home, placed in a prominent position INSIDE the house where their new foster family lovingly decorated them for hours. 

First a few presents, then gradually each day more and more gifts and offerings placed underneath it. At its peak before Dec 25th its literally a shrine to abundance and giving.

A glowing, flashing, glittering symbol of celebration and good will – a focal point for the whole family.


Fast fwd a few days past Xmas however….


Now not only is the poor tree no longer a focal point but it no longer has a place within the entire perimeter of the house and surrounding land(??) according to its owner(s).


What was once a living indoor plant, worshipped and adorned with decorations is now stripped bare of its accessories and outcast to the footpath… to die in the hot summer sun.


Now it’s just an eyesore - hard rubbish that not even the council want to take away... ha ha

I mean you have to laugh…


But what is the lesson from this? I’m not exactly sure but there’s something wrong with it isn’t there…?

I’m yet to see any fake trees which have been thrown to the footpath in my travels as yet so maybe that’s the way fwd?


Be Well