Don't Let Your Story
Get in Your Way

Are You Letting Your Own Story Get in Your Way...?


Just quickly I thought I might share something around mindset with you today…

I absolutely love doing consults with my clients. Someone once said that ‘the best way to learn is to teach’ and it’s so true.

I’m lucky enough to be learning more and more about what I’m passionate about every day – through my clients. So cool!!

Anyway I guess what I’m also learning about is the human mindset and more specifically the barriers people put up for themselves subconsciously.

I had a terrific chat with a new client last week - we went through her situation in depth and how she was currently eating and we then moved on to whether she was doing an exercise…


I’m always keen to know someone’s activity level (or lack of) as often there needs to be some minor tweaks regarding how I structure their meal plan/strategy.

For most clients if they are not currently doing any regular exercise I generally suggest that they shelve any really strenuous activity for at least a month and just focus on their food… but that’s another blog.


So back to my new client, when I asked her if she was currently very active or doing much exercise her response was as follows:  


“Ohh look I really would love to start walking of an evening… BUT… there’s just NO way I can manage to walk 4 times a week… I just don’t have time.” 


To which I replied….

Me: “Ok... well why don’t you just start with 1 walk per week?”


Her reply to that was..

 “Yeh but what’s the point of that? That’s not going to do anything!”


I think this raises a really interesting point don’t you?

My client’s mindset (what she’d convinced herself) was that unless she was able to walk 4 times per week there was no point in walking at all.

I think a lot of people have this approach to their health.

AND all that is -- is a barrier.

It’s a subconscious barrier that’s created so that action isn’t taken. So nothing ever changes and you can rest easy on the belief that you’re a victim of circumstance.


When you do this you let your own story get in the way.


I hear people do it all the time when they talk about about changing their diet for example...

It has to be an "all-or-nothing" approach. You’re either on a diet or you’re totally off it.

In their mind there’s not point changing a small part of their diet – they feel they have to change the whole thing – or “it’s not worth it.”

That’s bullsh#t.

I didn’t say that exact phrase to my client mind you… ha ha ;) but it is – it’s a load of cr@p.


>> Change 1 Meal

>> Go for 1 Walk

>> Get 1 Day of eating right

>> Get up earlier 1 Morning and go to the gym


At the end of the day if you can’t get 1 walk or 1 meal right then how can you expect to get 4 walks right or 21 meals right?


AND the other thing I said to my client was “Just Start!”

You can come up with reasons all day long about why you can’t do it, can’t start, can’t change – bottom line is it’s that internal narrative that’s stopping you from progressing.

It’s a subconscious barrier that you can simply choose to ignore and – JUST START!


So instead of creating a limiting belief for yourself that you’re too busy and there's no point starting anything until conditions are absolutely perfect… stop yourself and just make 1 change.

1 change leads to 2 changes… leads to 3 changes. Bite it off in small chunks and before you know it, when you add up all those small changes – all of a sudden you’re on a totally new path and a new way of doing things.


Anyway something to think about – sometimes it’s just a small change in perspective that makes a massive difference over the long term.


“Eighty per cent of success is showing up” – Woody Allen


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Be Well