My Post Grand Final Recovery Strategy



So I’ve finally started to return to planet earth after the MASSIVE Grand Final Result… I was literally orbiting the globe at a significant altitude for most of last week ha ha


Could not wipe the smile of my Chevy Chase :)

Amazing result and to be there with my whole family was just a blessing – couldn’t have asked for more – just an incredible few days.


I sat together with my cousin who flew back from Dubai for the game – we’re basically the same age and he’s almost like my brother so was amazing to watch the Red White and Blue (finally) reach the summit with him.


So you’re probably wondering if I was a blubbering mess? ;)


Well I was REALLY emotional in the final quarter when it was starting to seep into my mind that we were looking the winning team BUT I will say when the final siren went I was more in shock than anything else?!

I guess my whole life I’ve always watched the GF and some other team holding the cup up. I’d been daydreaming about how that might/would feel as a supporter.


When it happened last Saturday it was more surreal and shocking for me personally than any other emotion. I think most of my tears were shed the previous week when we won the preliminary final.

Let’s be honest - I was a COMPLETE mess the week before ha ha


Either way it’s just sinking in now I think and I’m looking forward to sitting down with Dad on Friday night to watch the game again (for the 10th time) over a few scotches… ha ha

Needless to say I don’t need any more alcohol though… in fact after last weekend I shouldn’t be drinking anything that isn’t completely translucent (no not vodka) – aka: H2O


So today I’m going to give you a run down of what I do personally to resurrect some semblance of health when I’ve really rewarded myself with a LOT of fun.


I’m going to give you my ‘day on a plate’ of sorts and then some commentary around why I have certain things and why I don’t have certain things…


So here goes….


I find the key is not to delay the inevitable.


The quicker you can put your best foot forward and start to reverse the damage the better.

The main thing to realise (as with anything to do with the body) is that anything you eat/drink is merely supporting the body to perform a function.

This is really important to grasp.


Things like detoxification are happening internally on a constant basis – eating the right food and drinking the right fluid supports this function but doesn’t initiate it or speed it up – if that makes sense.

So all I’m thinking about when I’m trying to reverse the damage I’ve incurred from being a (VERY) naughty young man who’s drunk too much amber fluid and eaten horrendously – is giving my body everything it needs to function optimally… once more.


As much as I don’t feel like blending up kgs of kale in the nutribullet – I know that’s the fastest way for me to return to the light.


Anyway… without further ado – this is how I did it last week:


Monday - Friday

Wake up:


30 minute Meditation: I meditate most mornings but it’s particularly important for me to do it when I’ve killed a lot of brain cells through boozing.

It’s incredibly foggy (my mind) when I start but I always feel better afterwards.

I’ve been meditating for nearly 5 years now and I use the practices from Isha Meditation/Yoga.

I do a practice or Kriya called Shambavi which is a bit more advanced however if you’re just starting I’d recommend the Isha Kriya guided meditation


I generally wait around 15mins post meditation and then I will have…

700ml of warm tap water with:

  • 30ml Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 5g of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • 5g of Acyt L Carnitine in powder form


In the morning when we wake up we are incredibly acidic. This cocktail (although bitter as HELL!) helps restore alkalinity. Vit C is a powerful antioxidant, even though I cant reverse the damage I’ve done it helps support my body with repair. Carnitine helps with mood and cognitive function so I’ll add that in as well.


Meal 1 (Steak for Breakfast):

I’ll turn the oven on and once it’s at 200 degrees I’ll put in:

200g Grass Fed Steak or 200-300g Roo Mince Burgers

I generally have red meat in the morning for my first meal. I know it’s a little out there but I’ve found it’s what makes me feel the best!

I do love breakfast cereal etc but once I stopped having it (any carbs in the morning) I realized how sluggish and awful it actually makes me feel.


Protein is KEY for your first meal (IMO) – sets you up for the day.


In this case (my choice of protein) red meat has a strong correlation with neural transmitters in the brain. Regardless it definitely switches me on mentally.

Try it and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean :)


Once I’ve polished the steak off I’ll blend up some greens in my nutribullet blender:

Morning Green Smoothie

Cut up as much Tuscan Dark Green Kale (or equivalent green leafy veg) as I can fit in the large nutribullet cup.

Fresh Coriander (half a bunch)



I use coriander because it helps with removing heavy metals and pollutants from the body. I eat a lot of fish (mercury) so I eat a decent amount of Coriander – even though I don’t love the taste.

So I blend that up and I’ll smash that down with 80mg Zinc (I use Thorne Double Strength Zinc). Zinc (as well as magnesium) tends to get very depleted when you drink. I have Zinc daily anyway but I’ll up my dose if I’ve misbehaved.



Depending on whether I’m working from home or not I’ll make a coffee on a stove top coffee maker…. old school!

I have it black (like my soul) and I’ll add a decent knob of Grass Fed Butter and a Tablespoon of Coconut Oil as well and I use a hand held milk frother to whizz that up that together into a creamy brew.

The added fats (butter and coconut oil) I would have anyway with my steak but the coffee fills this void.


It’s REALLY amazing having your coffee like this!!


The fats slow down the release of caffeine from the coffee and you have a longer lasting buzz. I only have one coffee a day – that’s all I need when I have it like this.


About 2 hours later I’ll have another litre of tap water

Meal 2:

200-300g Free Range Chicken Breast

Blended Veggies:

I chop up 2 medium Raw Zucchinis and stick that in the nutritbullet cup and I’ll add a qrt cup Flaxseed (whole seeds) then add water and blend.

I pick zucchini because it’s one of the few low sulfur veggies.

I have a tendency to have elevated Urea which is related to kidney function and too much sulfur in my diet is not beneficial for Urea production.

Particularly if I’ve had a few days on the sauce it’s best that I assist my kidney function as much as possible and that’s why I tend to stick with low sulphur (where possible) for a week or so afterwards.

When you blend zucchini it’s surprisingly nice. A bit like cold zucchini soup - very easy to gulp down.

I’ll add a (separate) tablespoon of nut butter to this meal as well.


3-4 hours later I’ll have Meal 3 and another 1 litre of water in between that time

Meal 3:

Generally this will be Grilled Chicken again (200-300g)

I’ll generally have another couple of zucchinis blended up again but I’ll add about a qrt cup of Chia seeds to the mix with water and blend it up.

Chia helps detoxification of the gut and helps move a lot of the nasties through your intestinal tract. When Chia gets wet it has this clear glue type membrane gel that captures toxins and helps move it out of our system. It’s also high in fibre when is important.


I’ll add fats to this meal in the form of handful of nuts or tablespoon of nut butter


Meal 4:

200-300g Thai Fish Cakes

Depending on where I am I may just have protein and fats for this meal (no veg or carbs).

This is generally around 1-1.5 hours before I go to gym and if I’m in post drinking ‘rehab’ mode I wont have carbs with this meal.

I find when my system is compromised I’m particularly sensitive to high glycemic carbs. So if I have it before my session I’ll be yawning and sluggish – which is the opposite of what I want.. so I tend to gauge how I’m feeling at this point.

Fish is absorbed quite quickly and I find its perfect for me before I go to gym – hence the fish cakes.

I’ll add a tablespoon of coconut oil if I don’t have carbs.

I have another liter of water before I leave for gym.


The best solution for pollution is dilution – Paul Chek



During the session I have 20-25g Essential Amino Acids in a liter of a Water. I get the plain one (no flavor) from

When I’m finished my session I’ll have a shake with 20-30g Whey Protein and 30-50g Carbs – generally dextrose monohydrate. I get both those from bulk nutrients.


Meal 5:

I have this meal around 1-1.5 hours after gym and I always try and have fish.

I’ve been doing this now for most of the year (fish at night) and I find this works really well for me.

1-2 pieces of fish (salmon or rockling generally)


With my fish I’ll have 400g of some sort of resistance starch like Sweet Potato or White Potato as well.

Potatoes are a great source of carb for me – my body responds really well to it and I can eat A LOT of it and not get fat.

Resistance starch (potatoes) is also very therapeutic for the gut so it ticks a lot of boxes for me.


Before bed I’ll have 400-500g of Fusion Magnesium – like Zinc, magnesium is something alcohol really depletes so I up my dose for the week after a big night(s).


***Note always have Zinc in the morning and Mag at night. They are a yin/yang element and should not be combined. Zinc wakes you up, Mag calms you down.


Ok so there you have it… my day(s) on a plate following a big few days of drunken revelry.

Its not a cure (by ANY stretch) ha ha but it definitely helps get me back on track .

You might have picked up a few things from the above – other than thinking I’m a little nuts of course ha ha


Reading between the lines (things to note):


>> I DON’T look at my food/meals in terms of breakfast, lunch and dinner

>> I DO blend most of my veg (speed and getting more nutrient in)

>> I DO have around 4-5 liters of water a day

>> I DO start the day with dark meat (red meat) and finish with fish

>> I DO add fats to each meal


Feel free to do your own research on any of the above and/or shoot back any questions you might have and I can go into more detail for you.

Obviously it’s easy for me to implement this stuff because my fridge is always full of Primal Food… I do realise this - - HOWEVER (no reason) why yours can be too for next week ;)


Be Well