Challenge Next Week!" />


Take The "ONE Thing"
Challenge Next Week!

I have challenge for you - if you choose to accept it of course...


So my challenge to you is…. basically (over the next week) I want you to implement a small change in your diet for me.

After a week of implementing this change we are going to test whether it “works” on a number of key indicators.

Are you up for it?

Not sure?? Well if you choose not to accept this challenge ALL you’ll be missing out on is potentially:


  • More Mental Focus

  • More Sustained Energy

  • Less Bloating

  • Less Hanger Pangs

  • Potentially even a smaller waist in a weeks time…


Ok so you’re in! Excellent :)


All I want you to do is JUST CHANGE ONE THING next week


I’m not going to go into great detail about why we will be making this change… I’m just asking you to trust me and see what happens.


Sometimes the best way to learn – particularly when it comes to our bodies is to try something – and see how it feels, if it works etc etc

It’s the best way to learn really -- through application and then assessing the outcome.


So what are we going to change...?




Yep first meal of the day - I want you to stop what you are currently doing for a week, implement this easy-peasy little change and then report back to me your findings! 




This is what I want you to do next week…. nothing else just this simple change and we’ll see what happens in a weeks time.


Every morning for breakfast I want you to have:


>> 2-3 whole eggs scrambled in butter

>> Try and buy the best quality eggs you can – free range etc

>> Include the yolks (THIS IS KEY!)


Feel free to add a little rock salt if you like… up to you.

To after you have devoured your eggs you MUST ADD any ONE of the following:


A) ¾ cup of any raw nut (Almonds, Cashews, Walnut, Macadamia etc) or combination of nut

B) Half an Avocado

C)Tablespoon of Coconut Oil or any Nut Oil


Only select one of either A, B or C not all of them ;)

Please note this fat is added as an extra to the eggs – it’s not enough to just cook in oil etc you must add it separately to your eggs

Feel Free to ALSO add as much green veg as you like either in a smoothie or add spinach to eggs etc.



What you must NOT do:


  • Instead of eggs have a Protein Shake

  • Have fruit (not because fruit is bad but for the purposes of our experiment we don’t want to include it)

  • Add any bread or cereal to your breakfast

  • Have any juice or sweet drink

  • Tea and Coffee all ok (phewww) but no sugar or sweetener!


So just Eggs cooked in butter with added fats… with the option of added greens if you like :)

**if you really want to impress me you would inc 2 x tablespoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in warm water around 15-20mins before you eat your eggs…. not a must but more of a bonus if you can**


What I want you to report/keep a record of is:

Take your waist measurement before you start in (cm). Area just below belly button.


Keep a mental/actual note or diary of how you feel: 


  • After your eggs – how does your stomach feel

  • How you feel mentally an hour after eating

  • Your overall energy levels

  • When you feel like eating lunch - your overall hunger levels

  • When you feel like eating lunch – what sort of food do you feel like

  • Any other changes you notice 


Exactly 7 days after you’ve implemented this I want you to take your waist measurement (cm) again… and we’ll see what the result is


But Stu… I can’t eat eggs?


If you can’t eat eggs you can have fish or any sort of meat (I personally have red meat for breakfast but that’s just me ha ha). Smoked Salmon, Sardines etc


As I said NO PROTEIN SHAKES – breakfast must be animal protein for this particular test.


So just to be clear all I’m asking is Just Change One Thing… Breakfast and see what the outcome if after a week


That is all…. any further questions let me know :) good luck!


Be Well