Weight Loss DOES NOT = Health Improvement!

Most People Assume that by Losing Weight - they are Improving their Health... Wrong!


I’m finding that I’m getting referred more and more clients from medical and health practitioners. It’s been a trend I’ve really noticed has increased in the past 10-12 months.

It’s always great to have referrals (don’t get me wrong) but it really worries me that ‘most’ of those clients who are referred come to me with a single minded mandate…. “Weight Loss”.


Often their Dr or Specialist has instructed them as part of their treatment that they MUST lose weight… short and sharp.


I (personally) find this really irresponsible.


Unfortunately huge portions of our community and the population as a whole make a really misinformed assumption that losing weight on the scales means “I’m improving my health.”

It almost implies that Weight Loss and Health Improvement are so intertwined that they almost become one.


That Weight Loss = Health Improvement

This is wrong.


Weight Loss can be and certainly is PART OF improving your health but Weight Loss and Health Improvement is not (necessarily) the same thing!


In fact -- YOU CAN inadvertently do tremendous damage to yourself in the process of losing weight – this is in fact a scenario I deal with daily with my clients.


The problem is that there is (often) no context or framework when someone is instructed by their Doctor to lose weight.

It’s almost like from the Docs perspective that the method is irrelevant – as long as the outcome is a loss of scale weight.


So in a quest for this loss of scale weight people will sacrifice almost anything to lose it.

They’ll starve themselves, drink nothing but shakes for weeks on end. Pay lots of money for supplements that promise to ‘melt the fat off’ when all they really do is melt your brain, give you the shakes and obliterate your adrenals.


Doing any weight loss program that doesn’t involve food (IMO) is basically asking to be fatter. In effect you’re buying a fatter body in a months time…. they certainly don’t put that on the back of the packet do they ha ha

This is because when you come off it and go back to eating you’ll balloon into the Michelin Man – or sorry the ‘Michelin Person’ to be politically correct ;)


So lets avoid this… no disrespect to Michelin either of course – they make a terrific tyre.


In my experience as soon as you shift focus away from needing to weigh the same amount that you did in your early 20s to JUST focusing on your food choices – everything else takes care of itself.

Shifting focus to improving your health (as a priority) AND optimizing YOUR body is the ONLY path to take if you want long term and sustainable health and an awesome looking rig!


So next time you hear someone obsessing about their scale weight – do the right thing and reinforce that distinction to them because sometimes that’s all it takes…

Often it’s just a small shift in mindset and a different approach that can make an enormous difference.


As always if you want help with achieving Optimal Health and an Optimal Looking Body then shoot back an email and lets have a chat :)


Be Well