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How many people have you heard say they tried x diet and it didn't work for them...

Then you find out that they only stuck with it for a week!?

Don't be THAT person...

We have an exclusive 21 Day Accelerator Program that gets you through the hard part...

The first 3 weeks is the hardest part of any change in eating pattern. You need to give yourself AT LEAST that amount of time to see noticeable change and resulting benefits.

"Hi Stu - the meals are going great! Not only have I lost 4kgs (I know it seems like a lot, but I have a LOT of weight to lose!), more importantly I feel the best I have in a long time! I no longer feel bloated or lethargic - I feel great and motivated to keep going. It certainly helps that the food tastes incredible so it's been easy to keep to. I definitely intend to keep going after the initial 3 weeks is up."

Rachel M - Fitzroy

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With our intensive 21 Day Accelerator Program we are with you every step of the way!

You'll be Coached through the whole 21 Days personally by Stu our Founder and Owner.

He's helped 100s of clients just like you make permanent changes to their lives - not 'flash in the pan' zero calorie meal programs like you see all the time.

The ethos of this program is about long term results and setting you up to win!

This program gives you the foundation, it's a starting point on a new path and a new direction...

AND unlike other 'quick fix diets' you've been on -- this time it's FOREVER... because it's 21 Days then FOREVER and you're not going back... you're not failing this time!

Together in our initial phone consultation we will go through in detail how you need to eat for your specific situation and your individual goals...

"The aim is lose weight, keep losing weight AND Optimize YOUR Health"

You'll start with an initial FREE phone consultation with Stu and he'll then design a personalised Meal Plan and Strategy for YOUR body for the full 21 Day Program.

Due to the personalised and consultative nature of this program we only take on a specific number of clients at any given time.

This is because we want ensure we can provide you with the best possible service and result.

We only take on people who we feel will be:

Compliant and will follow the strategy
Ready to make a permanent long term change - not just another quick fix
We honestly feel that we can help

We take the time to ensure you are the right fit so that we can help you get the maximum result possible

To see if you qualify for our 21 Day Accelerator Program please put your details below - we will email you immediately with a short questionairre for you to complete and send back.

We will get back to you in 24 hours to set up your first Consult.... can't wait to get you started!! :)
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