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Primal Food

We are a Melbourne based Healthy Meal Delivery Service that helps people who are sick of eating crap food transform the way they Look, Feel and Function.

We have a unique approach to meal planning and nutrition which focuses on Improving Insulin Health, Healing the Metabolism and Reducing Inflammation.... all through our delicious meals and service.


My name is Stuart and I'm a former Marketing Manager in Banking and (VERY) frustrated Health and Fitness Tragic turned Founder of Primal Food -- I now get to pursue my passion by helping people just like you regain control of their food, their health and their lives.


If you are reading this, you're probably sitting there with an overwhelming feeling that you are Stuck, you're Frustrated and you're not sure what to do?

What you ARE definitely sure of is that you're Sick and Tired of worrying about what you're eating, the way you look and most importantly - how you feel!


Bottom line is you don't feel great. You wonder if you could feel better?


"Do other people feel like this?"

"Is this normal -- or is it just me?"

"Is it just my stupid body that refuses to do what I want it to...?"

"Why can't I have more discipline (you say...) and be more organised when it comes to my meals?"


"I really need to start eating better" -- how often do you say that to yourself daily?

What we need to agree on is that it's time for a change. A PERMANENT CHANGE!


No more jumping from one fad diet to the next fad diet - which all promise the world but deliver an atlas.

Where have all these "short burst" attempts at eating better actually gotten you anyway?

How long are you going to keep preparing... to prepare to (finally) do something about this and make a change?

But what change will you make...?


"It's SO confusing?"

"Why will this approach be any different?"

"What if this fails... then what?"

"I'll probably just put it ALL back on anyway".


Well what if I could guarantee that you NEVER put it back on? That you never go back... that right now is as bad as it's ever going to be.

In fact what if I could GUARANTEE that you look back on this moment in time as the last time you felt like you do now and looked like you do now...

How would that feel? Good right...?

This is about YOU and YOUR needs - no one else's. You need to do this for you!

And you know what else... despite what you might think - no one cares about what you used to look like, what you used to weigh, how well you used to eat and used to exercise... it's irrelevant!

All that matters is right now and the direction YOU'RE heading, the action you're taking.

What I want to offer you is a way out. It's not a magic bullet. It's certainly not a quick fix BUT what I promise you is an honest and transparent path out of the mud you're stuck in and a clear strategy and a solid plan that you understand and have absolute confidence in.

Using Primal Food is your end-to-end solution.

Our market leading Meal Programs take you on a totally new path with your food and nutrition.

You'll be eating the highest quality Free Range and Market Fresh Produce. Delicious Fresh Meals (Not Frozen) which are lovingly prepared by our team of passionate Chefs and delivered to your door every Monday - all you have to do is Reheat and Serve - no cooking at all.

We can and will personally structure a tailored meal plan specific to your needs totally free of charge!

We provide you with ALL the tools you need to take back control of your body and your health including the following:

What makes us unique is that we focus on 3 Key Areas:

  1. Improving YOUR Insulin Health (Insulin Sensitivity)
  2. Reducing Inflammation in YOUR body
  3. Stimulating and Healing YOUR Metabolism

Most other programs ONLY focus on Calories -- and that's why other programs Don't Work!


Calorie Counting programs will only work for someone who is chronically overeating and even then it will only work for a period until your body adjusts to it and your weight loss stops.... and then what?

Most people when they stagnate on (eg 1200 cals) they make the fatal mistake of dropping their calories down to a lower bracket.

I mean it's just crazy stuff... how low can you go? 700 calories? 500 calories??

I see this AGAIN and AGAIN where people are coming to us following this exact sequence of constantly taking food away... 

Doing this literally sets you on a collision course with Failure, Frustration, Starvation, Poor Health AND ultimately Weight Gain (putting it ALL back on again).

Because guess what happens when you finally ditch that "mini meal" diet...

You'll do what you always do - you'll just go back to the way you used to eat.

The problem at this point is that all the damage you have done to your metabolism in the process of this crazy quest for (scale) weight loss is significant.

So significant in some cases that when someone returns to their old eating habits their body BALOON'S again... often double the size that they were before they started the low calorie diet. 

What I've just outlined there is essentially what "YO YO Dieting" is in a nut shell.


We are here to help YOU break this cycle!


You see the whole time you were on your 1200 calorie 'bite-sized' plan you were essentially training and conditioning your metabolism to slow down - which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you should be aiming for!

This is what THEY don't tell you...

Other services lie to you, give you a generic "cookie cutter" diet and calorie based plan to follow without taking into account ANYTHING about your current situation (metabolism, current food intake patterns etc)

I DO NOT understand how you can accurately provide someone with a meal plan that's going to work without assessing them first?

Following their misguided advice in your genuine pursuit of weight loss through calorie reduction you'll drive your metabolism down into a sluggish inflamed, irritated, dysfunctional mess by the time you decide to go off it.


AND that's why at Primal Food we can guarantee that you WONT PUT IT BACK ON - because we do what everyone else doesn't do!

Our aim is to totally optimise everything about your body!

Through our Meals and Coaching we turn YOUR body into a Highly Functioning, Healthy, Optimised, Vibrant Machine... as you're designed to be!


Our clients often report the following results when they use our services:

Week 1

In 21 Days:

In 3 Months:


Sounds good hey...? Awesome!

Well there's only one thing left to do - click below and lets get you started!