Want to get lean and shredded? Primal Food Want to get lean and shredded? Primal Food
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Go from “ok” to “WOW” like Darren did
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Darren "The Accountant"

Running my own business means it's near impossible to find the time to meal plan. I'm an Accountant so come tax time each year I've found myself opting for quick, easy junk meals - which leave me feeling sluggish. After 3 solid months of 13 hour days I've usually gained quite a few kgs. This year I wanted to make a change.

I came across Primal Food and thought it looked great. I've always gone to the gym each weekday morning to kick start my day and do a mix of cardio & weights but in the past it's been my diet that's let me down. So, I've never really achieved the results I've wanted.

I placed my first order in June and loved it. The food was fresh, healthy & tasted awesome. I was able to eat on the go at work because the meals simply needed to be heated. My colleagues often commented on how great the meals looked & smelt in the lunchroom!

I lost 7kgs in about 6 weeks, and have maintained it easily. I eat Primal Food for lunch & dinner on weekdays and find I can splurge a little on weekends and still maintain my weight.

I recommend Primal Food to so many of my clients and friends - because the results really do speak for themselves.

It's the convenience that I liked most, easy to order, gets delivered and you're set for the week. It suits my hectic work schedule perfectly!

Why Experienced Guys who Train Hard Can’t get the Body they Want

Don’t make these 4 Mistakes!!

Effort does not equal Reward
When you think about how much effort goes into your training in terms of time and sweat – Does EFFORT equal REWARD? We all train because we want RESULTS – yet most guys are well short of where they want to be in terms of their conditioning and overall look. “Just training harder” isn’t always the answer either.
Too Much Focus on Training
For guys like us there is WAY too much focus on training and not nearly enough focus on food. That’s because when you work long hours something has to give – and it’s ALWAYS your meals that get neglected. You always figure – at least you’re training regularly even if you’re not backing it up with the right meals… correct?
Relying on Supplements for Results
For a lot of guys it’s not even that they are relying on supplements – they are literally hoping and praying that the powders and tablets will work magic on their body. It’s just NOT enough to simply have a protein shake after your workout, a chicken salad at lunch and cross your fingers and toes and hope for progress… it HAS to be better than that!
Frustration with Meal Prep
Neglecting your food intake just leads to ongoing frustration. Every week you “plan” to be more organised with your meals but how often does that actually eventuate? It’s SO Frustrating because you’re putting in the hard work but not getting the results you REALLY want – what we all want – a LEAN, SHREDDED body.

All it takes is a shift in mindset - refocusing on:


AND if you can do that – it’s literally incredible how quickly your body can change!

Is YOUR current training and meal program working for you?

If you’re reading this I’m assuming it isn’t – at least not at the level you would like it to.

SO then the real question is – DO YOU want to get results like Darren did…?

BUT just be clear that there’s not going to be ANY dramatic change without the right nutrition, regardless of how hard you train. DON’T MAKE THIS COMMON MISTAKE!

There is nothing sexy about consistently eating the right food but “like it or not” that’s the only way to get a great body and fully maximise your training.

Consistently showing up with the RIGHT FOOD at the RIGHT TIMES!

At Primal Food that’s what we specialise in!

“I just don’t have time man…”

My client Jamie’s story typifies the type of guys I’m helping every day.

My client Jamie’s story typifies the type of guys I’m helping every day.

Jamie contacted us as he’d reached a point where he HAD to find a solution to his meal planning.

Jamie was training weights 3-4 times a week with a further 3 cardio sessions thrown in every second morning.

He had put on a bit of muscle but still had stubborn fat around his stomach – he felt with the amount of training he was doing that he should have been A LOT leaner.

Basically he was following the WRONG advise.

He was prescribing to most of the common articles you see out there which are calorie focused and direct you to train hard and eat clean. But what is "clean"?

It wasn’t his fault but he needed to fix some stuff, change some meals around and restructure his training to suit his diet.

He was eating the wrong meals at the wrong times, he wasn’t preparing his meals every day so he was missing meals and eating take-out lunches too often.

In his words when it came to his meal prepping “I just don’t have time man”

Even though he was cooking most nights he wasn’t always cooking the right type of meals he needed because of time constraints.

His problem was when it came to his diet there was NO STRUCTURE. He wasn’t as prepared as he needed to be so he wasn’t implementing Nutrient Timing effectively and as a result his body fat was WAY too high.

I totally reworked his meal program, set him up with an easy to follow strategy that evolved as he progressively got leaner and more ripped.

He started putting on muscle and was dropping fat around his mid section whilst eating A LOT more FOOD!

Because we had all his meals covered, he no longer had to stress about shopping, cooking and meal prep - all he had to focus on was his training.

Discover What you'll Get with Our Meals
Primal Food
Freshly Chilled - NOT Frozen!
If you've tried a similar meal service before your experience was probably something along the lines of "Rubbery, Tasteless and Sloppy". That's because most OTHER services freeze their meals, store them for months and then ship them to you. We ONLY use fresh food which means everything is prepared within hours of you getting your delivery. We also vacuum seal all your portions separately to lock in freshness and flavour which completely avoids that 'Soggy Brick of Mush' you get elsewhere.
Primal Food
premium free range protein
If you are someone who trains hard then you'll know that you need a diet high in Protein. What you definitely should be thinking about is the QUALITY of the Protein you put in your body. We ONLY use Free Range Chicken, Eggs and Pork. All our Red Meat is Grass Fed/Pasture Raised and our Fish is sustainably caught. This ensures all our Protein serves have the highest protein ratios, 'off the chart' Omega 3s and excellent fatty acid profiles. Quality produce ensures our meals taste absolutely unbelievable! You simply won't find the quality of our meals with other generic frozen services.
Primal Food
customised meal plans
All our Primal Athlete Meal Plans are totally customisable. You select from our range of Protein and Vegetarian Side Dishes to create your Meal Plan EXACTLY as you want it. Alternatively we can do the whole thing for you. Call us on 1300 534 282 to set up a time to have a Nutritional Consult with Stu. He'll go through your requirements and then structure a meal plan specific to your goals... Totally FREE!
Primal Food
Your Fridge Full of Meals
Aren't you sick of going to the fridge opening the door and seeing empty shelves with nothing you want or need? Imagine what it would feel like to open YOUR fridge and it's loaded with meals... the right type of meals! Every day you know you're prepared, you're not rushing to the shops or missing meals. No more Cooking or Dishes, just Reheat and You're Ready to Eat in Minutes.
Primal Food Primal Food

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Using Primal is an important part of my preparation. It leads me into games feeling light, alert, recovered, full of energy and ready to go - the best I have felt in my entire career. Nathan Jones
AFL Player - Captain Melbourne FC
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