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Most Popular Questions

Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver right across Melbourne. From Point Cook to right down the Mornington Penninsula and everywhere in between.

We currently do not have the ability to facilitate Geelong, Bendigo or Ballarat 

We can only facilitate Melbourne based deliveries at this time and we currently cannot deliver to NSW, ADL, QLD etc
If you are concerned that you may fall outside our delivery zone please contact us on or call us on 1300 534 282

What is the cut off time for ordering?

We have an order cut off time of 8pm on Thurs for delivery or pick up the upcoming Sunday and Monday.

In the event that you have missed the cut off we can generally still take orders up until COB on Friday however we cannot always guarantee late orders will be fulfilled beyond Friday.

The reason we have a cut off time is that all our supplier deliveries for your delicious fresh ingredients need to be ordered by our team on Thursday night so we can receive the stock on Friday and begin production of your meals :)

What if I just want to try it for 1 week?

We don't lock you in to recurring payments or minimum purchase orders or anything. We know we are a convenience service so you can order as often or sporadically from us as you like.

Simply jump onto the website and order each time you require our services 

My Partner/Friend/Colleague and I want to order different plans as part the same order - how can we do this?

Absolutely! You can order as much as you like within the one purchase order. You can have totally separate plans or exactly the same - our menu is totally customisable.

Do you offer Package Deals for Couples/Friends ordering together to the same delivery address?

You have the facility to order more than one plan under the one order which will mean you only ever pay one delivery charge. We have a discount code for Couples Ordering more than one plan or for Groups. If you'd like to arrange a Couples Bundle Deal with us please email us at or call us on 1300 534 282

If I select a Weight Loss Meal Plan - will I get the same meals each week or will it change?

You have the ability to change your meal plan each week by logging into your account. When you complete your first order we provide you with a 4 Week Meal Plan Strategy to follow which you can use as you go - or adjust for your own selections and preferences.

Do you cater for Paleo FODMAP, Vegetarian and Vegan?

You have the ability to structure your Meal Plan or make your selections through our Express Lane Check Out to select meals for Paleo, FODMAP, Vegetarian and other allergy preferences. We do not cater for Vegan at this point in time.

Meal Plans and Ordering

What if I want to change my Meal Plan/Order for next week?

Each week is a completely new order so you can easily pick a new/different plan each week based on your requirements and preferences.

What if I just want Dinner or Lunch or want less than a 5 Day Meal Plan?

We have an Express Check Out ordering platform for orders which fall outside our Meal Plans. You have access to our entire menu and you can select any items you like in the quantities that you require. To go to our Express Check Out please click here.

If I choose a Meal Plan when will my card be billed if I want to continue next week?

You card is billed immediately when you purchase. To repurchase the following week you simply log back in and reorder which plan you would like and make your selections.

What if I have an allergy or I'm picky with what I eat?

Our Meal Plans have the functionality to make the selections that you like. If you don't like something you can simply choose not to have it and select another menu item - easy! If you'd like more information just contact us directly on or 1300 534 282

What if I try something on the menu and don't want it again can I change to it?

You have the freedom to select all meals in your meal plan. If you don't like a particular item or can't eat it you can select another menu item that you do want as a replacement.

How to Best Prepare and Store Meals

Are all the meals already cooked or do I have to cook anything myself?

There is NO cooking required AT ALL! All our meals are cooked and prepared by our team of Chefs. All you have to do is Reheat and Serve and you have a meal ready to plate in minutes.

How do I best reheat the meals?

All meals can be reheated in the oven or microwave.

What equipment do I need to heat the meals?

An oven or microwave is all you need.

How are the meals packaged?

All meals are vacuum sealed and portioned individually. We do this to ensure maximum freshness and flavour. Which means NO sloppy soggy dishes - perfectly fresh every time.

How does the food stay fresh in the fridge if it's not frozen?

Because we vacuum seal all our meals we get 7+ days shelf life in the fridge for all our meals. We do a range of fresh salads which have a slightly shorter shelf life of 3-4 days.

Delivery and Pick Up

What time will my delivery arrive?

All Monday deliveries will arrive between 9am and 3pm.

All Sunday deliveries will arrive between 3pm and 6:30pm

Is there a delivery charge?

We charge a flat delivery fee of $15 per order. We deliver your meals in Refrigerated Transport to ensure your meals are as fresh as possible

Is Monday the only day available for deliveries?

We do offer delivery on Sunday afternoons for clients living in the following suburbs:

CBD, Fitzroy, Collingwood, Carlton, Brunswick, Northcote, Richmond, Prahran, Windsor, South Yarra, South Melbourne, St Kilda

At check out you select that you would like a Sunday Delivery. 

All Sunday Deliveries are done between 3pm and 7pm. We cannot specify an exact time but your meals will arrive during this delivery window.

Can I collect my box from somewhere instead of having it delivered?

We have 3 collection options:

Sunday: Our Kitchen in Oakleigh between 10am - 1:00pm
Monday: Ascot Vale Location anytime after 1:00pm (can be late in the evening if necessary)

Monday: St Kilda East Location anytime after 5:00pm (can be late in the evening if necessary)

Do I have to be at home/work to receive my delivery?

Not at all. We can leave your box at a designated spot (doorstep etc) or with reception at your work. We recommend the box only be left unattended for 2-3 hours after which all meals should be placed in the fridge.

How big is the box my meals are delivered in?

We have 2 box sizes. Both are small enough to easily carry.

What if I need to change my delivery address at the last minute?

If you need to change your delivery address last minute (Saturday/Sunday) please email us on and we will make those changes for you. All other times simply login to your account and update your delivery details in your profile.