Primal Athlete Intense Lean

A Real Plan for Getting YOU
below 10%  Body Fat in 16 Weeks!

You'll learn how I went from 16% BF to 8% BF in 4 months.

The EXACT Training Program AND Eating Plan I used - Step-by-Step

I’ve been wanting to do a Complete End-to-End Training Program like this for years! I can’t wait to share this program with you! – Stu

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For 16 Weeks...

 You'll know exactly 
 what to eat 

  • Personalized meal programming (provided in 4 week blocks).
  • Ongoing Primal Food Meal Delivery Discount

 You'll know exactly 
 how to train 

  • Detailed training program Tailored to Your Gym Equipment
  • A NEW Training Program every 4 weeks - based on your results


This Program is NOT For Everyone – This is NOT an Easy Program

It’s Intense Eating AND SUPER Intense Training

Only 4 Days in the Gym per week… But You Have to Bring Intensity

 What you get 
with your Intense Lean program:

16 Week Training Program
(valued at $300)

16 Week Meal Program
(valued at $300)

Monthly Coaching Calls
(valued at $600)

Exclusive Program Meal Discount
(5% OFF Any Primal Athlete Meal Plan)

Price per month:


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 My Story 

Firstly – I want to apologise up front for my ugly head in that before photo ha ha

Anyway a bit about me…

I’m 38 years old and I’ve been strength training for over 20 years (…ouch).

I’m 6ft 4 (193cm) and I’m 113kgs most of the year.

I can Bench 150kg, Squat 180kgs and Romanian (Stiff Leg) Deadlift 190kg

I’ve always been passionate about it and I take it very seriously. I’m not the sort of guy that’s sitting on his phone updating Instagram during sets. I’m grunting and gasping in my own world over the corner. Gym time for me is a time I really protect in the week. I rarely let anything disrupt my training sessions.

Over the course of 20 years of training I’ve tried lots of techniques (as you can imagine) and I know what works and what doesn’t work - because I’ve tried everything.

I’ve read and studied from all the popular strength and bodybuilding coaches over the years – Poliquin, Thibaudeau and more recently John Meadows and Ben Pakulski. These guys all sell their own programs – any of which would be highly recommended.

What I’ve done is taken what works from these guys and developed a system that’s fantastic for adding a heap of muscle and getting you shredded at the same time.

Honestly though (outside of the above coaches), most of the stuff I’m seeing online at the moment is a joke! Particularly from some of these Social Media Fitness Models that take a heap of steroids and sell you the “dream six pack program” etc. It’s not going to get you much muscle or get you lean. 15 reps of this and 12 of that.

That’s part of the reason I put myself through this 16 Week System to show you EXACTLY what has to happen in order to get in great shape…. Step-by-Step.

When you decide you want to do a program like this you have to trust the system will work for you. Otherwise why would you do it?

So the only way for me to prove that this system worked was to put myself through it and document what I did from start to finish.

Trust me - this program is not always pretty and it’s tough – but it works!

It’s not about more time in the gym either. It’s about intense effort for less time than you’re probably training now.

In my experience Intensity Trumps Volume.

You might hear people say that the only way to build muscle is to do as much volume as possible eg: the more time you can spend working out the better.

I disagree – particularly if you are a natural lifter (not using steroids).

Most guys already do too much volume as it is.

They are in the gym doing too much of the wrong sort of training for their goal AND they don’t eat enough of the right foods – they’re the 2 things I would say are most common with guys that I coach. As a result they don’t look the way they want to look.

Give me the first 4 weeks to prove myself and then it’s up to you if you want to continue. You can cancel the program at any time.

Who knows you might not even be able to hack this program?

This is not for everyone and it’s 4 days Intense Weight Training and 4 + Meals per day. This is non negotiable.

You can prepare your own meals yourself based on the plan I send you or you can order from our Primal Athlete Menu with a great discount for the duration of this program – either way is fine.

I’m more than happy to work with you as long as you listen to what I say and you can execute without changing things.

As I said – it’s NOT an EASY program – but it works!

So what do you say…

Can you give me 16 weeks to get you LEAN and Shredded?
4 x $99 payments

Why this is NOT a Fat to Skinny Program:

What I also wanted to demonstrate was that this is not a straight fwd process. This is NOT a Fat to Skinny program.

Despite the way I look (and my facial expression) in that first pic I am 115kg @ 16% body fat. I built up to eating over 5000 cals per day and I’m carrying A LOT of muscle. It actually took me a fair amount of work to get to that size.

This is what most programs leave out of the fine print!

The most fundamental aspect of your ability to get ripped and shredded (be muscular with low body fat) is your metabolism.

You have to be in surplus calories when you start your cut otherwise your ability to get really lean will be compromised.

Most guys are not playing with enough “head room” in terms of their metabolism and the amount of food that they are eating to get a great result.

This is what I coach and guide you on.

It’s very likely that we might have to build you up and put on some more muscle before we can start the process of getting you ripped.

This could mean increasing the amount you are eating significantly.

But that’s what we go through in our Kick Off Call together – I get a solid understanding of your training and current diet.

This will determine the strategy we start with.

So click the link below – lets set up a time for our fist call and get this thing going!

Can’t wait to share this program with you


Can you give me 16 weeks to get you LEAN and Shredded?
4 x $99 payments

No thanks, I just want to order meals